Our product

Our Product

Clean air for the children of today, and for the world of tomorrow – to make a difference here and now, and at the same time work to make the world a little better for everyone in the future.


Here and now –


With the help of our new revolutionary technology, our portable air purifiers succeed in creating a safe and protective atmosphere around the child in the pram. In tests the air around the child has shown to be as much as 80% cleaner than outside the pram.

The technique

The high degree of purification is the result of an artificial air bubble of purified air that is formed around the child which also prevents polluted air from entering. The technology is the result of innovative thinking and rigorous testing. Unlike other innovations with similar techniques, our solution requires no encapsulation and we work with extremely low air flows that do not generate any draft. Working without encapsulation means that access and contact with the child is unchanged compared to what it is like in a pram without air purification. Air flows are important as high air flows and drafts can be experienced as both disturbing and unpleasant and risk triggering the diving reflex * in children who are younger than one year old.


* diving reflex = congenital reflex in children up to 12 months of age where high airflows result in suspended breathing, bradycardia etc.

Our air purifiers (MyAtmosphere) are:

  • Quiet (<30 dB) – low airflows result in low noise levels
  • Energy efficient: operating time of about eight hours thanks to energy efficient components.
  • Safe – low airflows without risk of triggering the diving reflex or being perceived as unpleasant. Guaranteed high degree of purification during the entire operating time.
  • Efficient – high degree of purification, in tests up to 80% of PM 2.5 and PM10. We also clean particles such as pollen and reactive gases (Ozone etc.) Our filters are also tested and approved to clean away virus particles.
  • High quality – by working with market-leading suppliers and partners and the fact that our products are tested and certified, we can guarantee that our air purifiers meet our high requirements for function, quality and feel.
  • Grow with the child – thanks to its design, MyAtmosphere can grow with the child and be used up to at least 3 years of age.
  • Interactive – because My Atmosphere is equipped with sensors for air quality and connected to an app in the user’s smartphone, we can interact with the user in several ways. – read more under App and Data.


The technology enables a portable format that is well suited to integrate in, for example, prams, bicycle prams, car seats and more. We work primarily with manufacturers of, among other things, prams by complementing existing products. In this way, they can offer added value to their own products in the form of air purification.


A standalone product can be mounted in prams or bicycle prams that do not have this integrated. The air purifier will then be able to accompany the child to other prams etc.


By reducing the child’s exposure to harmful air pollutants during their first year of life, we strive to counteract many of the negative health effects that air pollutants otherwise cause. 

Clean air for the children of today, and for the world of tomorrow.

To be able to address the problem of air pollution, we need to learn more. Today, there are about 20,000 fixed measuring stations in the world that measure air quality. It is these measuring stations that form the basis for our current knowledge of air pollution and its distribution. The measuring stations are large, expensive and do not always represent the air quality where people live. 


By inviting the many users of My Atmosphere to contribute with valuable data on places and levels of air pollution will provide a basis for better research. 


MyAtmosphere is equipped with sensors that measure the air quality. By connecting the information and location to the user’s smartphone all users can become potential measuring points.

App – an educational tool

The app that the air purifier is connected to works as an educational tool as the user can get information about the air quality both inside the pram and outside  (temperature, humidity, air, level of particles, etc.). By connecting the users and their aggregated data, the air quality can be shown real time.


The user can access this information through the app. Confident with the knowledge that the child in the pram breathes clean air, the user can also get the necessary information to be able to make active choices. Choices concerning, for example, walking paths in order to reduce one’s own or, for example siblings’ exposure. In the app, you can also get warnings for heavily air-polluted areas, when it is time to charge the battery or change filters.


By combining the aggregated data with for example weather data and AI, we will also be able to offer forecasts regarding air pollution. This is of particular interest  for people with respiratory diseases that are particularly affected by these. 


By increasing our knowledge on levels of air pollution we can also help raise awareness about the problem. This could influence decision makers to take appropriate measures to address the problem.

Big data

In addition to raising awareness about the problem, the aggregated data and detailed mapping is a necessity in the work of addressing the root causes. As part of our business concept, this data will be made available to, for example, researchers and organizations (eg WHO, OECD) to better understand air pollution and build more sustainable and healthy cities in the future.


In this way we work circularly. Through the air purifier we treat the symptom. With the data, we work towards the basic problem.